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Chebucto Forum - Terms & Conditions

1. By contributing to the discussions within this area, participants implicitly agree to abide by the enclosed terms and conditions.

2. This forum is intended to bring citizens together for respectful discussions of common issues of concern. Please consider your words thoughtfully before posting new topics and replies.

3. Participants in the Chebucto Forum area may not post information which is sexist, racist, slanderous and / or threatening as defined by the Criminal Code and Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

4. Chebucto Community Net reserves the right to remove any post deemed beyond accepted community norms in offensive language or subject matter.

5. Posts of an overtly commercial nature are not permitted.

6. Comments made within the forum area are a matter of public record. No participant should assume any degree of privacy or confidentiality.

7. Chebucto Community Net assumes no responsibility, legal or otherwise, for any of the comments made by forum participants.



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